Welcome to Padia Exports

To be the first factory in India to supply the complete kitchen category from one source, be it stainless steel, plastic, melamine or ceramic, all being produced in-house, not traded. Family owned business. Entered Stainless steel industry in 1986.

  • One stop solution for all Stainless steel requirements. We have one of the biggest ranges in the stainless steel industry
  • Competitive prices across all product categories with right quality
  • We have one of the most stringent quality control systems in the industry
  • We try to display new products at every trade exhibition

First Movers in the Industry

  • We were the first factory in India to set up stainless steel drinkware manufacturing unit in India. All companies apart from us import from China.
  • First factory to set up a specialized Cookware manufacturing unit in Bangladesh.
  • First factory to set up Injection moulding plant in-house along with stainless steel and melamine manufacturing.
  • First factory to produce vacuum tumblers in India.
  • Pioneer in SS & Ceramic consolidation.
  • Flexibility of operating with various grades of raw material in Stainless steel – 200 series, 300 series and 400 series.
  • Strong quality control without increasing cost of production. We look at quality control with a view to reduce rejections and leftovers, thereby increasing competitiveness.
  • In-house design team to develop new products and ideas.
  • Most of our new developed products are patented.
  • Capability to do electro polish inside which is catching up quite rapidly these days.
  • Fully complied factories as per global compliance needs.